Meet The Team

Ira’s colleagues and friends Douglas Hirsch, Lance Laifer, and Daniel Nir, along with Ira’s mother Judith Sohn and brother Evan, created The Sohn Conference Foundation. For more than 20 years, the Board of Directors has led the strategic vision of the Foundation and expanded the investment ideas conferences to six financial markets across the globe. A team of staff members, along with the Board of Directors works together to support the Foundation’s mission of fighting pediatric cancer and other childhood diseases.

Board of Directors

  • sohn

    Evan Sohn

    Co-Founder, Vice President, and Treasurer

  • Hirsch

    Douglas Hirsch

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

  • Nir

    Daniel Nir

    Co-Founder and President

  • Duncan

    Graham Duncan

    Board Member

Sohn Staff

  • Lauren Hammer Breslow

    Executive Director

  • Jennifer Lazar Schiamberg

    Director, Strategic Initiatives and Events

  • Paula M. Bernstein

    Director, Sponsorship & Partnership