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Foundation Initiatives

The Sohn Conference Foundation pursues preeminent and bold initiatives that will have the greatest impact to treat and cure pediatric cancer. However, given 2020’s global pandemic, this year’s proceeds will support research to fight the COVID-19 virus.

All proceeds from the 2020 Healthcare-Focused Sohn Investment Conference will support Rockefeller University’s Dr. Michel Nussenzweig, who is developing a novel therapy for COVID-19. Dr. Nussenzweig’s potent monoclonal antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 will enter clinical trials this fall. He is using an approach he pioneered several years ago discovering and harnessing neutralizing antibodies against HIV. Gilead Sciences recently acquired the license to develop this new HIV antibody therapy. The Nussenzweig lab continues to spearhead the design of effective therapies against other known and emerging global infectious diseases.

Founded in 1901 to improve the understanding of life for the benefit of humanity, Rockefeller is one of the world’s leading biomedical research institutions. Rockefeller scientists have garnered 25 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry or Medicine, a number that would rank the institution as fourth in the world if it was its own country. We’re excited to come together to support Rockefeller’s culture of excellence, which is unrivaled among research institutions worldwide.

SohnX Initiatives

SohnX is a new global initiative created with the goal of carrying the Sohn Conference Foundation’s mission of doing business while doing good into the virtual world.

Held virtually, SohnX Conferences are organized by passionate global chairs who bring together some of the financial sector’s top minds to share innovative insights and ideas with viewers. The SohnX initiative seeks to empower local organizers, scale event accessibility, and promote valuable philanthropic work with all proceeds going directly towards cutting-edge research and community programs.

SohnX events are produced independently under a free license agreement from the Sohn Conference Foundation with a commitment to adhere to the Foundation’s branding and charitable guidelines.

Previous Initiatives

The Sohn-Manning Pediatric Cancer Survivorship
Program at HackensackUMC

The Sohn Conference Foundation launched the Sohn-Manning Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program at HackensackUMC in 2016. The Children’s Cancer Institute at HackensackUMC focuses on the long term emotional and social issues specific to pediatric cancer survivors, as well as finding a cure with more than 100 active clinical trials. With this new grant, Sohn recognizes Eli Manning's leadership in helping HackensackUMC tackle kids cancer from all angles.


Watch Eli Manning’s heartfelt speech at the 21st Annual Sohn Investment Conference.

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Our Approach

The Sohn Conference Foundation takes a unique, selective investor’s approach to grant making. The Foundation supports cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and bold initiatives that will have the greatest impact in treating and curing pediatric cancer. The Foundation designed its approach in response to the challenges faced by the field of pediatric cancer.
The strategy has four prongs:


Cutting-Edge Scientific Research Collaborations in New York City

There is no other city in the United States that is home to so many premier research institutions. The Foundation emboldens the City’s best research hospitals to collaborate, leveraging their resources and talent for maximum results.


in State-of-the-Art Technology

New technologies—microscopes, cell sorters, DNA sequencers—will lead scientists to medical breakthroughs, but these technologies are expensive and government funds do not support such purchases. New technologies will enable scientists to understand each child’s cancer and customize medical treatments.


the Next Generation of Physician Scientists

Right now, too few young, bright physician scientists are researching pediatric cancer, resulting in a crisis within the field. The Foundation seeds a fellowship program to award funding to innovative, new scientists who are being overseen by the current leaders in the field.


Quality of Care for Children with Cancer

Insurance does not support comprehensive quality-of-life initiatives in hospitals. The Foundation funds cutting-edge diagnostic precision medicine and the renovation of dilapidated spaces to improve the quality of the treatment experience for children with cancer.

Our Foundation Initiatives

  • ArtWorks

    Creative and performing arts programs for children and young adults, serving 35 hospitals in the New York Metropolitan area.

  • Columbia University Medical Center

    The only initiative of its kind, The Sohn Precision Medicine Program at Columbia ensures all high-risk pediatric cancer patients from NYC have access to precision medicine via Columbia’s advanced diagnostic genomic testing.

  • The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

    The Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Cancer Fellowship Award funds basic scientists and clinicians who conduct research with the potential to significantly impact the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of one or more pediatric cancers.

  • Hackensack University Medical Center

    The Cure and Beyond program provides after-treatment care and services for survivors of pediatric cancer.

  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    State-of-the-art equipment to help scientists study the epigenetics of leukemia; plus, funding for an innovative antibody clinical trial for neuroblastoma.

  • Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital

    The Lion’s Den provides a safe and technology-enabled center for children and teenagers being treated for cancer.

  • New York Academy of Sciences

    Partnering with the Academy, Sohn presents an exclusive gathering of the world’s best pediatric cancer scientists to discuss their innovative research and best paths toward therapeutic discoveries and clinical trials.

  • New York Genome Center

    The Sohn Collaborative Research Project for Pediatric Cancer brings together elite researchers from Columbia University, Memorial Sloan Kettering, NYU Langone, Rockefeller University, and Weill Cornell to tackle unanswered questions about the genomics of pediatric cancer.

  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital

    Provided seed funding for the complete renovation of the Pediatric Infusion Center for outpatients to receive treatment in a space specially designed for children.

  • NYU Langone Medical Center

    Funding for a brain diagnostic tumor program available at no other institution, with an emphasis on ensuring its availability for NYC children; plus, funding for a brand new children’s hospital, with special rooms for children with cancer.

  • The Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research

    Provides top New York-based scientists the freedom to take risks and pursue their boldest research at a stage when traditional funding is lacking.

  • Tri-Institutional Therapeutic Discovery Institute

    Funding for collaborative research into leukemia and melanoma conducted within the unique drug discovery consortium of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, and Weill Cornell Medical College.

  • Weill Cornell Medical College

    Funding to provide state-of-the-art research equipment to examine cancer metastasis and potential targets for new therapies.

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